You See I Am gives voice to people from all walks of life, challenging stereotypes and labels, and inviting people to see beyond assumptions and fears. The project promotes the first person stories of people through images and words via photography classes, social media, print poster campaigns, and exhibits.

YSIA is one outlet allowing for our fragmented society to pause for a moment to recognize self expressed identities, while also acknowledging the superficial labels that separate and alienate. The idea of YSIA was conceived around the time of my witnessing a fight between racially diverse strangers on the NYC subway, during a string of unarmed black people being killed by police, and in the midst of an extremely polarized political battle for the presidency. This project is an attempt to carve out a path that can potentially lead to a conversation and a deeper understanding between the "us" and the "them".

Elizabeth Gottlieb Gattone, LCSW

email us if you want to be included in a collection of interviews and posters in our upcoming YSIA book.